Presentations / Workshops


Dr. David E. Mullen is one of today’s leading speakers on the themes of positive psychology, spirituality and psychotherapy, and relationships.

During the past 30 years, Dr. Mullen has presented nationally and internationally to hundreds of parents, mental health professionals and business people. He is a warm and engaging speaker and enjoys a dialogue with his audience. He consistently receives high ratings for his presentations.

Dr. Mullen’s presentations are lively, timely, practical and based on his own experiences as a therapist and educator, father and husband. He has the ability and experience to connect with people from different backgrounds.

To individuals and professionals in every field, he brings a wealth of experience and guidance on important and timely matters:

  • building resilience in children and adults
  • the place of meaning and spirituality in the well-lived life
  • the importance of gratitude for emotional and physical well-being
  • kindness and compassion as a way of connecting to others
  • the dividends of becoming an optimist


Dr. Mullen has been informing, teaching and motivating people for over 30 years. Here is a sample of some of his most popular workshop topics:

No Souls on Prozac – Integrating Spirituality into PracticeBeating the Blues – Building Skills to Deal with DepressionLiving Your Strengths – A Workshop on Positive Psychology

The Mind/Body/Spirit Connection – A Workshop on the Effects of a Healthy Spirituality on Physical and Emotional Well-being

Growing a Successful Relationship – A Workshop for Couples

For more information or to make an appointment,
please call Dr. Mullen at (941) 364-9919
or contact him here.

David E. Mullen, Ph.D., MFT
Sarasota, Florida.