Energy Psychology

Imagine visiting a therapist and coming away completely relieved of the trauma, depression, anxiety or whatever your malady you may be. Have you tried “talk therapy “ and found that it was not enough to clear you of the emotional problems you were having? Would you like to learn safe and effective ways to treat panic, stress, anger, rage, irrational guilt, rejection, embarrassment and shame?

If any of these are true for you, I can help. One of my specialties is energy psychology. I trained with Dr. Fred Gallo, one of the founders of Energy Psychology. I like to think of energy psychology as a kind of emotional acupuncture. It is a method of treating psychological problems. It involves having a person tune into a problem or think about a problem and tap into specific acupuncture meridian points at the same time. It causes the problem to dissipate. In most cases if a person thinks about a trauma they have experienced, it causes a terrible emotion to occur. The tapping makes the terrible emotions go away. It essentially balances out an energy system, which is fundamental to the emotion. The person can think about the event, but it no longer bothers them.

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