Couples Counseling


Relationship Renewal Through Couples Counseling

Are you struggling to feel close with your significant other? Has time changed your relationship? Has there been a severe break in trust that you can’t seem to mend? Perhaps you are engaging in the same arguments over and over again. You may no longer be working together as a team, or you may be placing a lot of value on being right rather than really hearing each other. Do you feel like you and your partner are leading separate lives, just pretending that everything is okay? Do you wish you could find a way to reconnect with your partner, feel supported and understood, and bring joy and laughter back into your relationship?

Relationships are in a constant flux as each person making up that partnership navigates through life. As times change for each of you, you can find it more difficult to relate to each other than it once was. You may want to change and grow together, but feel at a loss, not knowing how to actually make that happen.

There are lots of things that can change a relationship. Have you and your partner struggled with infidelity or loss of love? Maybe one or both of you have had trouble battling depression or a dependence on substances. Possibly, as your relationship has aged, you have found yourselves having issues being …

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Individual Counseling


Are You Feeling Stuck In Your Life?

Are you struggling to find happiness or purpose in your life? Do you wish you could feel satisfied in your career? Do you wake up dreading the challenges the day will bring? Perhaps changes at home like retirement or infidelity have altered the dynamic with your spouse, leaving you feeling abandoned and alone. Or maybe you’re struggling to establish meaningful relationships with co-workers and others outside of the house. Do you feel helpless to change your situation, and while you go through the motions of the day, is it hard to feel satisfied? Do you wish you could find meaning in your actions and relationships?

We all go through times when we question our motivations or decisions, however, if we aren’t careful these questions can become habit forming. You may feel heartbroken about the loss of a loved one. The sense of abandonment and rejection that manifests following loss can lead to anxiety, depression and incessant negative thoughts. Alternately, conflict at work or home may have you feeling stuck in your life and powerless to make a change. When you struggle to feel comfortable with yourself or practice self-compassion, establishing meaningful connections with others can seem impossible.

Many Individuals Feel Powerless or Unfulfilled

Everyone struggles with feelings of being stuck in life, unable to get moving again. Challenges at work and …

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Sex and Porn Addiction


The treatment of sexual and pornography in the age of the Internet

  • Are you or a significant other finding yourself going to the internet for sexual release and pleasure?
  • Is this fascination with the sites on the new media (social networks, smart phones, etc.) becoming more consuming and satisfying than your actual day-to-day interactions?
  • Do you find yourself fantasizing more and more about what you have seen on the web and what you want to see?
  • Is your growing attachment to these sites taking its toll on your work and important relationships?
  • Do you find that you have to visit more and more sites to get the same initial rush and thrill that you first experienced?

If any of these behaviors are true for you, I can help. I have worked with many who are addicted in a safe, confidential, non-judgmental atmosphere, using state of the art techniques. Give me a call to help you and your partner find recovery and begin rebuilding trust and intimacy.

For more information, to make an appointment or to set up a free, confidential 15-minute phone consultation, please call Dr. Mullen at (941) 364-9919 or contact him here

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Anxiety Treatment


Is Anxiety Ruling Your Life?

Do you feel weighed down by anxiety and fear? Do you constantly feel like others are judging you? Perhaps you feel that you must reach certain career and relationship goals and never falter from them. Or maybe you perpetually experience feelings of hopelessness, particularly as it relates to your future. Do you lie awake at night, obsessing over all the mistakes you feel you’ve made? Perhaps you feel consumed by guilt as a result. You may recognize the physical sensations of anxiety but not know how to react to or control your uncomfortable symptoms.

Do you find yourself simply going through the motions at work? Are you trying to mitigate anxiety by making unhealthy choices like smoking cigarettes, drinking too much coffee or consuming an unhealthy lunch? After work, do you try to relax and numb the emotional and physical pain by having a couple drinks or watching mindless television?

The whirling thoughts of fear, guilt and worry that come with an anxiety disorder can be overwhelming and even frightening. They can interfere with your relationships, negatively impact productivity at work and make day-to-day living seem impossible. You may feel stuck in a loveless, sexless marriage or in a thankless job, but fear and anxiety are keeping you from making a change. You also may struggle to calm yourself down when fear or …

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Are You Looking for an Alternative to Talk or Cognitive Therapy?

Are you struggling to stop smoking or to lose weight? Do you suffer from crippling performance anxiety? Perhaps you have low levels of self-confidence. Are you afflicted with chronic pain? Or, do you suffer from a terminal illness and worry about your quality of life in your final days? Do you find that talk therapy just isn’t enough to help you through your problems?  Do you wish to take control of your healing and experience self-empowerment?

Struggling with quitting a habit or making necessary, healthy life changes can be extremely challenging. It can also be extremely painful and difficult to get ready for a test, a music performance or an athletic competition. And, when you suffer from an illness, pain is often an everyday experience.

It is not uncommon to face these problems and feel like there isn’t any help. You may have tried nicotine patches for smoking cessation or traditional weight management programs and felt that you just couldn’t succeed. Perhaps you have chronic pain and are tired of taking pills on a daily basis. Maybe you’ve tried various therapeutic approaches, such as talk or behavioral therapy and felt that they fell short. If this sounds familiar, hypnotherapy (clinical hypnosis) may help.

What is Clinical Hypnosis?

In hypnotherapy sessions, you do not go to sleep. You …

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